Tremedous Roger Federer fan. He will probably make numerous appearances on my blog...blah blah more information. This is pretty much my waste of space.


According to a recent poll, Roger Federer has the second-best worldwide reputation of any public figure, behind only former South African president Nelson Mandela.


Absolutely the craziest thing I have heard in ages. My mind ran out of words. I always noticed over the years when I see fans practically passing out on the ground when he walks by. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. “They could be really excited. That’s all,” I thought. I saw the people lining up like Elvis came back from the dead, frying everyone peanut butter and banana sandwiches outside the US Open while signing autographs and said, “Maybe, maybe, maybe the girls find him handsome.” He is, after all, the third most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on in person in my whole life - and embarrassingly, I remember the day I idiotically blurted that out when I was oh, what, 21ish (no one was THERE!), he smiled really sheepishly, although he looked stunned with this expression like no one ever tells him he’s a dashing guy. This was before he got married, guys. *no dirty thoughts from you folks, please*

Anyway, I thought maybe, perhaps that was the reason. Women and some gay guys I know of find him sexy. Generally, most of them are from Asian countries or the Middle East. Doesn’t matter. He has a huge following, and a lot of these girls/men go to his matches partially for that reason.

Is it he was #1? Or as Kanye West might say, “THE GREATEST TENNIS PLAYER OF ALL TIME. ALLLLLLL TIME.” *take away microphone from Rafa Nadal* “YA’LL HEAR ME.”

I thought perhaps that. He has a bunch of little kids obsessed with him and all these old people you wonder, “What are you doing at a tennis match worshipping this guy who can be your son!?! You act like you’re 12 how you scream like….UGHHHH!!!” I don’t say that aloud. I would be humiliated.

I feel like anytime I ever posted something online on a tennis site article-wise, I’m edged by folks, “Don’t forget to talk about Federer!” He generates millions of comments and page clicks in a way I can never understand. You know, I continuously tout Leo DiCaprio as my only man I’ll ever roll out of bed for and I still didn’t act like “HOOOWOWOWOOWW!!!! *gasp for air* OH MY GODD!!!!!!” the one day I saw him. (I didn’t speak to him. He’s really intimidating, I had injured my eye and I didn’t know anyone as mutual friends….)

Some time ago, I gave up. I saw he created reactions from people I had only seen in conversations about why Kim Kardashian “is sooooo freakin’ hot.” I’ll ask guys why. “I don’t know. She has a hot body.” Anything else? “Her show. Yeah, it’s real good.” But it’s slow and boring! “Yeah, but Kim goes on.” *guys drool* In a great comparison here, I get she is a cute girl. Pretending I were a straight NFL guy who had met her in person (I never have) who was blown away by her beauty, I still would not get why she has this brainwash hold on everyone the way Ryan Gosling doesn’t.

Roger again, guys. *back to subject* I decided today, no. He pulled a mind control device over ESPN. Or he knows how to do ESP. Something supernatural. Really, R-Fed needs to do something with this psychic power after he retires, like using it to brainwash people. He could go the Dr. Evil route by taking over the world, or the good life, via becoming a powerful Swiss politician. He could open hotels throughout the world, since he already has an apartment in Dubai. Start RogerLand, the Disneyland knockoff. Anything.

Is humanity really this stupid? He’s a great athlete and interesting person. But the second most beloved person of all time?! Yikes! I’m afraid of leaving my abode now.

Because I cannot form sentences from my shock, I shall quote a comment below the article:

“This is just sad and points in the general direction as to why humans will not survive much longer.”

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