Tremedous Roger Federer fan. He will probably make numerous appearances on my blog...blah blah more information. This is pretty much my waste of space.



Roger’s newest commercial for Mercedes Benz

What da hayle Roger? I guess it works. 


The Greatest. Ever.

His face actually kind of ruins it/makes it lame…I mean not how he looks just that he is there. (The montage is good though.)


World’s Biggest Shave - Roger Federer - Gillette

Le what? That was actually kind of cool.



Roger Federer Keeps His Cool in New TV spot for Credit Suisse (by creditsuissevideos)

I give you permission to DROOL!

 I would have more respect for this commercial if they had him WALKING on water…Federer is God.

XD I feel like he almost laughed on the diving board.