For all you'll that want to see what I like, however diverse that might be. I'm studying to be an ESL teacher or work in the linguistics field. I hope to one day teach in Spain or in a Latin American country. That is the dream at least. I'm also a tremedous Roger Federer fan. He will probably make numerous appearances on my blog...blah blah more information. This is pretty much my waste of space.


THE BEAUTIFUL GAME...: Fighting like a warrior


Every time Roger Federer walks into a grand slam these days, it seems like people are declaring that he’s got more and more to fight against. The draw, his opponents, his age, his fitness, his motivation etc.

And it seems like more and more people are willing to declare…

Definitely not smart, nice that you all invite me back every year!

Roger Federer on beating up the home town heroes. (via draakjeandplum)

They said he was finished, they said he was washed up, they said he was old, they said he was past it. Turns out they knew nothing about Federer at all.

Tom Fordyce (x)

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Federer is aware that his tennis career is ephemeral, a phase in his life. He knows that he will have enough time left over to catch up with other things – snowboarding, playing golf, raising children, mowing the lawn, grilling sausages or drinking beer with friends. He is worldly, cosmopolitan, multilingual, expresses himself well and thinks before he speaks. He is modest, unpretentious, loyal, well-balanced, dependable and sympathetic.
He also answers uncomfortable questions without getting irritated or suspicious.

Rene Stauffer


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